60-80% TCO with Microsoft Cloud Integrated Storage vs Traditional SANs – Is your storage strategy growing before your Data?

Microsoft Cloud Integrated Storage vs Traditional SANs by G. Singh, Microsoft Technologies Director@ClearPeople As  Microsoft has become a “devices & services” company, devices are no longer limited to just to phones, tablets and consumer services; they can also be data centre infrastructure products. The same way that client/server architectures reshaped enterprise computing in the 1990s, device and service designs […]

SharePoint 2013: Choosing the Right Colours

​SharePoint 2013: Choosing the Right Colours by Ian Jackson, Senior Front-End Developer@ClearPeople In front-end development, the first step we take when styling a web site is to focus on the branding (font-sizes, line-heights, margins, and padding of the primary html elements). We also focus on the brand colours, and define them on the base elements […]

ClearPeople Sitecore Azure App

The first ever Sitecore Azure App This module integrates within the Sitecore Azure Module 2.0 User Interface, allowing users to access Sitecore logs and windows events stored on Azure Table storage from within Sitecore, and dynamically filter by date range, log level and type. When you use the Module Sitecore Azure 2.0 to move your […]

The Crown Estate BCSP Case Study Released by Microsoft

Microsoft has just released its Business-Critical SharePoint (BSCP) case study on ClearPeople’s big data project for The Crown Estate. ClearPeople has used Microsoft SharePoint and Windows Azure to collect, share, and exchange in excess of 1 petabyte (one million gigabytes) of data with energy developers and the public, The Crown Estate is now able to easily […]

Testing Mobile Websites

When we start to plan for a mobile project here at ClearPeople, some of the key questions we ask ourselves are: ‘How do we go about testing mobile websites?’ and ‘How many new devices do we need to test them on??’ The first thing that we do is some quick market research – are there any […]

Is Your Website Flash Content Ready for IE10?

With the release of Windows 8 nearing and the full release of Internet Explorer 10 imminent, Microsoft has released some information for developers regarding the use of Adobe Flash Player on websites when viewed in the new IE10 desktop and metro versions. Windows 8 and IE 10 will use the same integrated Flash Player – […]

ClearPeople Business-Critical SharePoint partner video

A little bit of shameless self-promotion here, but we felt the need to spread the love and disperse this snazzy video clip outlining the benefits ClearPeople offer as a Microsoft Business-Critical SharePoint partner. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/2V7hs-nB8uw ClearPeople is proud to have been selected by Microsoft (as one of only four initial UK partners, and just 30 initial […]

Sitecore Advanced System Reporter

I recently found a good, open source reporting framework, ready to install on the Sitecore Shared Source Modules, called Advanced System Reporter. ASR is a framework which allows creating many types of reports in a very short time, such as: Get the Alias of an Item Audit users Actions Find broken links Find broken link […]

SharePoint 2007 error: “Form control does not have ControlMode set”

One of the most common tasks when branding a SharePoint installation is to generate a custom master page to be used in your freshly branded site. As a front end developer, in an attempt to simplify the master page, and further management and maintenance of the master page, you tend to (or at least, I […]

Testing the Search Function on websites

Software Testing is a process that involves making sure the client’s requirements are satisfied and that a fully functional solution is delivered. To ensure that your testing validates the solution is working correctly and meets specification, it is vital that you determine what functionality you want to test, and how the solution should function before […]